For the record: my appeal to twitter

I have made many attempts to contact, communicate, converse, interact, get a clear message across to twitter over the last eight years in re: of continual actions made against me. I have inquired about business oppertunities. I have suggested improvements to the twitter app which have been implimented and are still used today. I have involved myself in the develoment of filters and how to deal with he needs of users and abuse. I have made myself available for work. I have defended twitter. I have complimented twitter and championed its existence. I have apologized for breaking the ever changing rules. The info on my bio is a universal greeting of love friendship and tolerance transcending race, country, and theological beliefs. I have embeded twitter on several web projects. I have influenced artists. Users have made international headlines with my words. Political and religious leaders. I am not prejudice. I am not, cannot be, amd provenly not a racist or bigot. I am not for or against anyone’s sexual identity. I have no political leanings. I am not part of any group or organization. I am anti-violence. I am pro-tolerance. I have been a leader in many online communities. I do not spam or pander. I seek personal expression; artistic collaboration, bridge building between diverse groups of people and beliefs. I am both scientific and spiritual. I am forgiving of others and twitter. And I take the time to write at length to provide efficient, sincere communication for the better. And all I get from twitter is filtered because of who follows me and who I follow. Filtered because of my choice of words, regardless of context, intent. Suspended by deaf moderators and A.I.. I’ve complimented the improved appeal process. Twitter has suspended accounts of my offline friends when I have been suspended because I once used their device to log in being the only possible connection.

I ask you again, please present the data against me and may we work out a peaceful accord?

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