Alex Jones Rapes Your Psyche via Occult Hyper Sigil Magic

Real Talk. The background on Alex Jones’ “DMT” set looks wild! Cool! NEAT-O! And it is dark magic of the tallest order. For those not familiar, I offer a warning: look, don’t stare. See it, realize what it is and walk away.

Whatever humans give attention to grows. This is why our landscape is littered with pepsi and budweiser logos. The universe is alive. A schematic becomes a reality. This is mental, æthyric circuitry. High dimentional geometry used by malevolent beings. If they were benevolent they would share in the creation process and not use it on you. I wouldn’t need to explain or offer personal accounts because it would all be right there. This is a deception. It is a form of rape.

Here is a link to someone I know who has been creating these types of things for years.

Again, look and verify what I saying, and look away. These are proprams with malevolent intent. Doesn’t matter if you believe or not.

Alex Jones is a CIA controlled op who lies by telling the truth and lies of omission.

There is a spinning black cube between them ffs.

If you are stupid enough to think he is doing this for your good or I am full of it, then go step right up, seal your fate.

I am not selling snake oil. I am not charging for my words. I am not getting paid for this. I have been banned and shadow banned from social media long before this mongrel.

These sigils are hyper dimensional language. They are from a 5D-9D perspective, drawn to program lower dimensions.

This video may help explain.

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