Fuck the Police: Protecting Pedophiles

Three pedos killed in a week. Testicles put in blenders. Police hold press conference …

Personal note: the rage and fury this ignites in me has no bounds. 1) Someone is torturing pedos to death? GREAT!! WHO CARES??!! This should be a press notice to congratulate and send fear into pedos. 2) If police weren’t sub-human mongrels and did their job they would be doing this. 3) Police are so fucktarded they believe killing pedos is wrong. 4) Police care more about them being the only ones with rights to kill and bring justice. 5) Cops have time and resources to attack the “crimes” of the poor and ruin lives over bullshit then defend these pedos rights


The police want this person to turn themselves in and go to prison!!!! While they do nothing about pedos!!!!!!

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