Lunch with Uncle Kanye West

Uncle Kanye. Red hat. He’s an imbecile. Shilling. Selling the circus. Billionaire. Donate to Mark Dice and my gofundme then. Old black dude next Kanye to prop him up. During Venus retrograde. Lol @ his 13 bullshit. 98% my ass. His speech is dope. This is Kanye’s 2020 speech. Yano what? Millions of people could make that speech and better but who has access to the Pres and Press? This is hollywood-asking him that george bush question. Groomed to ask that question and be here today. For better or worse EXCEPT for the whole necrocannibalpedophile thing. This “black people” jargon is never going away. Acknowledging stop and frisk.. shill & imbecile. Nothing on real issues, this is fluff designed, scripted to appeal to what the script writers call ignorant minorities. Why not make THIS a nightly show? Instead of American Idol, Trump & Kanye & Guests & Public questions and callers. Time isn’t a myth and he knows it; that is a oversimplification that omits Saturn/Chronos. Trump asks how he feels in the oval office to put him over as Pres material WWE style. I don’t care who the President is if they do the work. “We, Kanye”. Figure it out ppl

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