Facebook Suspending Your Pages? Well, GOOD AND FUCK YOU

No one made any headlines or youtube videos five years ago when this started, and I and others were sharing legit info and art and had years of our time invested, contacts, work erased and banned from fb. Nor did anyone listen when I told them. Nor did anyone help recover, and leave fb because of it. So I don’t care AT ALL about anyone being banned now, or those pontificating about it.

Sincerely, screw you, your subscribers, and those people effected by these latest bans.

You cucks aren’t suffering enough. For years you’ve been tolerating facebook’s insane policies and not giving a damn about those who have gone through this before you.

Facebook and other mainstream social networks are party to crimes against humanity. Hubs for human trafficking. Necrocannibalpedophiles. Terrorists.

I hope everything these people worked for is destroyed, their reputations lost and ruined, their friendships erased, their hopes and dreams vanished, and they have no where or one to turn to and go berzerk and end up losing money and find themselves on the street, broke and alone in bad weather, starving and wanting die and never be reborn so they can see how fucking selfish, willfully ignorant, cunty, vile parasites they are; and it destroys their souls and condems them to the septic tank under the abyss in hell’s basement forever so they can have an oppertunity to see how deceived they’ve been, and how their actions have been party to crimes beyond description and the blackening of hope in the collective of all life in this world and beyond.

Buy American.

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