Venus RX Eclipse Mercury in Scorpio Equals Bullshit from NASA

I really don’t get why NASA bothers with this crap. So, forgive me, please, I do not mean to be condescending in explaining this;

This story:

released with this picture

of blimps zepplins hot air balloons Mercury bubbles in Venus’ atmosphere, with a story about how NASA is going to build floating cities in Venus’ atmosphere for research, since America is all about exploring the cosmos and not capitalizing, war, fake unicorn poop that sings, … EXACTLY WHEN

Venus retrograde and Mercury are together in the sky.

I really don’t know why NASA is doing this. This is their way of reporting cosmological info without directly saying it.

I get this country functions on deception at every level. Why even acknowledge this if they don’t want people to know? Very strange behavior. This is what your tax dollars pay for.

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