Monsanto Mainstream Marijuana for Morons

Suspicious of legal weed from day one, in 2010, Montgomery, AL., I was introduced to K2. Seeing what it is, my immediate reaction was RiP weed. This was before recreational marijuana was legalized anywhere in the states. Unless you know FIRST HAND the source, anyone could be duped.

Now, Monsanto-Bayer is PUBLICLY moving to take over the marijuana business. AND I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN IF IT IS CALLED CANNABIS OR WHATEVER. NOTHING is more VILE than listening to “insufferable fucktards” babble on about what weed is or isn’t, why it is or isn’t legal, and the pig vomit of gay titles that are supposed to up the value like Pink Cotton Pussy Hole and Turd Fungus Creeper, as if that means anything or anyone other than them knows what it means. I have never found any science to it such as aligning with chakras or numeric code of fuckery.

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