“Human Beings Never Learn”

“I remember we did the video in America, and I remember the video got banned. Well, because I went to Green Peace and took loads of footage of stuff, stuff I didn’t think was right. So, they said we can’t play that because it has the Nazi party in there.”

“..we couldn’t get the track played there, which is a shame because the track was trying to say something. ..and I think that’s important.. if the visuals are so strong they disturb you.”

“So I thought, this isn’t going to work. I wanted to do stronger stuff, but they’re just going to ban it.”

“So, that was that.”

“..so like you said, it could’ve been written yesterday.”

“What the tracks say are still relevant now, still relevant in 20 years, still relevant in 40 years, ‘cuz.. human beings never learn.”

  • Jay Kay, Jamiroquai, Behind the Music 1996

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