Pluto Crosses Ecliptic – Once in a Lifetime

Providence has brought this post. As much as my eyes and mind are on the Stars, … I didn’t know of this until moments before this post, and I wasn’t looking for it. Today, Pluto begins crossing the Ecliptic as it last did in 1930, and will not again for 87 years.
The last time Pluto crossed the Ecliptic travelling North to South as it will here was July 2nd, 1770

There’s more to be said about this also being a Full Moon in Taurus @ 1° conj Uranus rx @ 0° sq North Node in Leo. And every other aspect and what the mainstream is doing.

This makes the caravan from Mexico to U.S. seem more construed.

Surely the next week or two will pass by as usual.

What sucks is, this is far more interesting and relevant than the crap you will read every where else today. Take a moment to realize, these billion dollar media vessels could be reporting this with hype and detail.. but…

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