Why Does Everyone EXCEPT Gov. Cuomo Know the Bombs Are FAKE

Weezer Front Man aka Kurt Cobain Gov. Rivers Cuomo Foo Fighting Fake Explosives to scare everyone pig vomit into mid-term election voting seriousness by DECLARING WAL-MART LAW IN NEW YORK after necrocannibalpedophile inbred robot undead Disney Black Pope Imposter Politicians RAPE YOUR FACES AND KID’S FUTURDES IMMUNE FROM VIOLENCE AND LAWS THEY ENFORCE via mailing themselves package bombs and get the clown moon face nepotism-on-fire mobbed up jubu buju GAY devil 911 dropping fear mongering plastic thug Andy Cumface to terrorize the public on the day Pluto loops Uranus’ Full Moon to continue the MSN NWO narrative leading into 2020 and shit you green horn wimpy wiggers can’t even fathom.

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