Debunked: Nirvana – MK-Ultra NWO

Nirvana is a sophisticated usage of Hegelian Dialectic, Masonic Egregore Manipulation, Sonic Weaponry used against “goy”/cattle in the Erev rav/Zionists’ war against your soul.

Begin with “Heart-Shaped Box” & Music Video

In terms of visual art, this is as masonic as it gets.
If you look at the elements in the video, acknowledge everything you see is intentional, you may see for yourself what the video is saying.

Gray room, checkerboard floor, white light coming through the gray curtain veil, not on the black cross connected to the bed where Kurt as-an-old-man is lying, seemingly dead or dying, though on the blue pants of the right leg crossed over the left of Dave, and shining onto Kurt’s head. Kurt golden blond hair, wearing blue pants, green and yellow knee patches, black and white shirt, showing this is about his life.

Dave in blue in a red chair. Krist wearing purple pants, legs crossed in a 4. The band is Bael. The image is of the present and the future (relative to the time the video was made, of course). For the sake of brevity I am leaving out some elements. You don’t like it, kiss my ass if you don’t like it. It’s my page.

Notice Dave is in the middle. Kurt is the Cat. Krist is the toad. The light hits Dave on the crossed knees. Galactic Center. Dave is the middle man. Kurt is the Golden Veil of Sagittarius. The hidden Desire/Serpent/Reptile. 30 15 30. Dave is the Devil.

A gathering of crows is a murder. The old Kurt put himself on the cross. The cross/crucifix is an unfolded cube. A box. Kurt willingly was going to his death.

Blue sky background. Blue is Grace. Blue is Dave’s Pants. Kurt’s back is to the future, which is Dave. Blue is Jupiter. Neptune. Poseidon. Space.
Kurt being the old man is further illustrated with him standing in front of the cross while the and plays. Now with a red sky. Red sky means blood shed. Mars. Root Chakra.

The red flowers are the crop, fans, the targeted root chakra.

The girl in white is innocence, spirit essence.
The fetuses hanging from the trees are in the wombs of the living.
The fetuses are the fruit for the spirit. The blue sky is space, the garden of eden.

The fat woman in red with black wings is the woman of the apocalypse.
The woman in red. The whore of Babylon.

The woman is shown inside out. You are looking at the inside of the womb. The word Womb and the word Matrix have the same meaning. Woman is WOMBan.

The cube/cross is Mecca. A Star. The Moon.

Black & White & Red the Moon. The Spirit’s Cap falls to the dark side of the moon.

The blood stained the spirit’s cap, the crown chakra black.

The spirit no longer innocent is black and with Kurt at his death bed.

The song here:

Drop C# tuning, the chord played is the “death rattle” illustrated by the amplifiers on the bed.

“She eyes me like a Pisces” The girl in black at the foot of the bed, on the black cross.

The girl extends her right hand to the foot of the bed showing death.

Kurt is shown laying dead in the garden.

In the end, Krist stands and removes the veil.

Result: Kurt is dead. The light goes on Dave, who then appears next in FFoo FFighters wearing red gloves/bloody hands

Speaks the words Aries and Treasons while wearing a red hat. Aries = Mars = Head
Aries is also womb. Rams Head.

And Kurt, who faked his death and became Rivers Cuomo appears as a silhouette roughly at the same time in the Weezer video for Undone in the opening shot

the motion is of him to the left in the dark, on his right side
to a conversation with another silhouette who says, “Hey Bob”

BOB 202 or 13013 MOM YHVH tetragrammaton

arrow pointing down FIRE EXTINGUISHER extinguishing the fire in YOU with shitty mediocre milquetoast saccharin lukewarm NWO Weezer music

Formation and the “Blue Album” (1992–1994)
Vocalist and lead guitarist Rivers Cuomo, drummer Patrick Wilson, bassist Matt Sharp and guitarist Jason Cropper formed Weezer in 1992. They had their first practice on February 14 of that year;[6] their first gig was closing for Keanu Reeves‘ band Dogstar shortly after.

The first Weezer album was called the Blue Album. Blue is illustrated in the Heart Shaped Box video as the dominant successor. The first song is titled My Name is Jonas.

My name is Jonas.
I’m carrying the wheel.
Thanks for all you’ve shown us.
This is how we feel.
Come sit next to me.
Pour yourself some tea.
Just like Grandma made
When we couldn’t find sleep.
Things were better then.
Once but never again.
We’ve all left the den.
Let me tell you ’bout it.

The choo-choo train left right on time.
A ticket costs only your mind.
The driver said, “Hey, man, we go all the way.”
Of course we were willing to pay.

Must the subtext be illustrated here? I don’t think so.

———— ———— ————

Kurt’s birth, fake death day, date found dead. 27 years. Saturn Return. 3×9=27 3 Cubed.

Kurt is the Heart Shaped Box. The Box, the cross/crucifix, the black cube.

Weezer (referred to as the “Blue Album”) was released in May 10, 1994. The Black Moon following the “death” of Kurt Donald Cobain. KURT/CURT short DONALD world mighty COBANE BANE/Pluto COpluto black star. (Kurt’s “death” occurred when the Moon was in Pisces < 30° of Black in Aries. If you don’t know, don’t know Astrology, pay attention, many “deaths” and events occur within 45°-30° < of the Black Moon. The Moon then waxed to Full in Libra, before becoming Black on May 10.)

Pluto and Uranus are @ 26° dodecile of Galactic Center @ 26° Sagittarius. This was a great day for casting long term projects.

FF W 666 Egyptian winged disk. Top of the pyramid ponzi scheme.

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