“By the time we’ve finished this, you’re all gonna be practicing magicians.” _ Grant Morrison

Paraphrased Excerpts from Grant Morrison’s Disinfo Speech. This sounds like me verbatim since I was a teenager. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-cxBuRU09w

So.. are there any practicing magicians in the audience? By the time we’ve finished this, you’re all gonna be practicing magicians.

This shit’s easy, right. I’m like you. Basically: why are we here? Why are we here at this time? What’s this all about?

What’s going on? Why do we feel different? Why don’t we fit into this world? Why do we feel as though they’re not telling us the truth? So I went out and I read Robert Anton Wilson’s books when I was twenty years old – which is twenty years ago now – and I figured “Is this guy bullshitting me? He says we can talk to aliens? We can talk to people from Sirius? Is he talking crap? He says Aleister Crowley’s got methods for contacting alien intelligence and for changing the world; is he talking crap?”

So I did it. And no – he’s not talking crap. And we can all do it.

The Invisibles – which is a comic book, for people who haven’t seen the thing; it’s a comic book which was kind of an attempt to explain what happened to me after I’d been abducted by aliens in Kathmandu in 1994. And the only reason I was abducted by aliens in Kathmandu in 1994 is because I *went* to Kathmandu in 1994 to be abducted by aliens.

And it works. And these fuckers… they will turn up!

So these things, I met them. And what they were were, like, silver.. like those things you get in rave videos.. silver, morphing, mercurial blobs of chrome, that think. And they took me to the fifth dimension. And the fifth dimension is outside space and time, and they explained to me what time is all about. The universe we live in is designed to grow larvae. Right? Believe.. you don’t have to believe me; I’m just setting the story here. They explained to me that beyond space and time, we have our actual selves. These things that we’re experiencing right now are sections through time. Everyone here is a section through time. But in actual fact, you’re not experiencing your real body. What is your real body? Your real body is a process. It starts when you’re born, and it moves forward until you die. That is you. Seen from outside, that’s what you look like. You look like a gigantic centipede, spread around all the little things that you always do: up and down through your house, up the stairs, down to the store and back – and it’s a centipede, and it’s us. It starts as a little baby and it comes out of your mother’s womb, and it gets bigger. That is the process in time. Like I said: we’re experiencing sections now, so we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about this. But think of ourselves as processes through time, which is what we actually are.

So these things said to me: this is what’s going on. We use time to grow larvae, because outside space and time you can’t grow anything. Because it’s timeless, nothing grows. What you wanna do, if you want to make one of these higher dimensional beings – that’s actually us, already – is that you grow it in time. So you make a universe.

And how you make a universe is: you plug a little part of yourself into the information world that they live in – which is what I seemed to be experiencing; this kind of sea of pure information – and they exist in that, but there is no time. Time is part of that.. but this is the fifth dimension; it’s like: time, space, breadth, depth.. plus. And they said to me: the universe you live in, the world you’re living in, is a larvae. Every single one of us here is the same thing. There’s no distinction. All we do is.. we don’t understand what we are. And they explained to me: if you’ve got a two-dimensional field, see; a flat plane, and you stick your hand through it – there’s one hand there, but if you stick your hand through a two-dimensional plane, the two-dimensional entities who live on there, they will see four circles. Right? Four distinct, completely different circles. (My addition here is, do the reverse. Look up to the planets PLANE ETS E.T. Planes. We see spheres because a sphere is the greatest/maximum 3D shape there is. So whatever is up there, from here, all we can see is spheres, moving in circles.)

These things explained to me that.. as I say, the universe is some kind of larval entity. What it does is it proceeds through stages of development.Now if you think about a foetus in the womb – and there’s a famous phrase that says.. what is it? Phylogeny recapitulates.. y’know, evolution or whatever the fuck it is. Y’know, I forget the good bits.But it’s the idea that if you’ve got a foetus, it starts off.. like every living thing, it starts as a unicellular entity, it splits.. it becomes a lizard; it becomes a mammal; eventually it becomes a human.And they said to me: the culture you’re living in is.. understand it this way: phylogeny recapitulates history.So what we’re actually watching is this thing coming towards self-awareness and coherence in the same way that a foetus does. We haven’t even been born yet. There are no adults on this planet.There’s not one adult on this planet.Which explains a lot. It explains why we let fuckers like Bill Clinton bomb the Kosovans. It explains why I let Tony Blair put cameras in the streets.

I found out that if you do these things that you’re told by Aleister Crowley, by Wilson, by all these people we read and all these people we’ve been consuming – but we don’t do it.If you actually do what they say, things happen. Things occur, exactly as described. And we can all do it.So I decided to put this to use in the comic book I was doing, this thing called The Invisibles.

Magic works. And I found out when I was doing the comic that you could actually make magic happen by writing things, and changing the operating system of the universe. It works, and I’m here to tell you to try it when you go home tonight. Because it fucking works.And what happens if we all do it? If everyone in this room decides to take control of reality? I’m talking about reality; I’m talking about quantum physics; I’m talking about taking control of things from the quantum level up, from the molecular level up – and it works. This magic works.So I’ll tell you something you can do, while I’m here. You know one of the best techniques, and one of the easiest techniques, to prove that this thing works is to practice sigil magic. The technique is simple: have a desire, tonight.

Number one: first thing you do is, you write down a desire. Make it something easy that’s likely to happen. Something possible, rather than say, y’know, “I’m going to be king of the moon” – which you may want to be, as we all do, but.. it’s kind of hard to be king of the moon. You’re gonna have to get a rocket and go up there.Something easy. If you want to sigilise for a lottery win, make sure you buy a ticket or else it probably won’t work. So these are the conditions within the material universe that we live in.

What we’re really dealing with here is, as I say, some kind of operating system that can be hacked, using words. Words seem to be the binding agent of this.. thing. Whatever it is.

What you can say is: “It is my desire that my cat wins the Olympics.” Take out all the vowels..- Write this down, for fuck’s sake! Don’t just listen; do it! Right? -Take out the vowels, and you’ll be left with a string of consonants. Take out all the repeated consonants, and you’ll be left with a string of consonants with no repeats in it. X, Y, A, D, whatever. Turn that thing into a little image. Take the D, draw a big D. Then you’ve got a T; draw a big T on it.Keep reducing it down until it looks magical.And there are no rules for this thing. Do it until it looks magical.At that point you now have a sigil. The sigil will work. You can project desire into reality, and change reality. It works!

People have been telling us about this for thousands of years. The Tibetans have been telling us about this. The Mesopotamians have been telling us about this. And why has it been made ‘occult’? Because: Coca-Cola have got the secret. What you do is you create a sigil. Coca-Cola is a sigil. The McDonalds “M” is a sigil. These people are basically turning the world into themselves, using sigils. And if we don’t reverse that process, and turn the world into *us* using sigils, we’re going to be living in fucking McDonalds.

But McDonalds have no more power than us, apart from the fact – like what Doug [Rushkoff] said earlier – they’ve got some money. Fuck it; who cares? At the top levels of this stuff, no one’s using money anyway. You think Rupert Murdoch, or the Queen, or Bill Clinton, or any of these fuckers use money? Of course they don’t. They’ve realised that money is only useful to sell to the middle classes – the people in the middle who make things happen; who make things run. We’ve been sold a fiction. There’s no such thing as money. Ignore it. At the higher levels.

There is no money. These fuckers don’t use money. If Rupert Murdoch wants a Rolls Royce, they give him one. Because he’s Rupert Murdoch. And if they see him in a Rolls Royce, it means they get some status out of it. So you’ve gotta understand, these people on the higher levels are operating on a hierarchy of exchange and barter.

So… having figured these weird things out, having thought about this and having been through this experience, which was exactly the experience I’d been promised by Wilson, McKenna, Philip K. Dick – everyone, they promised this thing, and it works. You can get the experience. Do what they told you to do, and it will happen – I promise you. You will meet the aliens; they will talk to you. The Golden Dawn called this “Knowledge & Conversation Of The Holy Guardian Angel”.

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