Epstein-Barr Media Virus

The Jokes on You

Admit it. They’re conning us. Non-stop. Behind the scenes, when the cameras are off, underground.. it’s all in the family.

Image result for epstein barr virus herpes

Mercury Retrograde from Leo into Cancer.
and Epstein is arrested.

A Kiss, a swap. Of Herpes.

The timely arrest of Jeffrey Epstein as election debates arise

Trump is in his black book

No photo description available.

So is Trump’s Brother Robert

Trump’s Brother Robert, Mick Jagger, David Blaine, Tony Blair, Phil Collins, Minnie Driver, Griffen Dunne, Dutchess of York, Duke of York, Howard Finkelstein, Steve Forbes, Hurst, Ford, Ted Kennedy, Jr., Senator Edward Kennedy, Christopher Lambert, Courtney Love, Oliver Picasso, Rothchilds, Maria Shriver, Peter Soros, Kevin Spacey

to name a few.



Yet another sex joke in politics.

Comey, Wiener, Bush, Dick, Colon, Quayle, Jimmy, Johnson, Cli’ton, Crapo, Cummings, Boehner, Joni, Robin Rape, Buttigieg, Nadler

and now

the Epstein-Barr Virus

Congratulations! You have Herpes!

Image result for epstein barr virus herpes


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