Google Stalking Users and Producing Manipulated Data via App

I reactivated the hardwared Google App on my Android two days ago. Under “Settings” for “Interest”, Google tells me this(pics below) is what I am, to Google; on level dumbfuck mark. Level Satan’s Cock Firing Lava Kum in Your ASSHOLE is not listed.

Anyone feeling included/excluded innerstand I could write a better interest list about Google than it can of me. Nowhere on this list is Eternal Bliss. Pussy. Boobs. Women. Inflatable fat women. Embalming fluid. Time Travel. Flame Throwers. Plasma Ball Body Suits. The 49th Key. What comes after audio metamorphosis. Anti-stretch mark creme. X-ray glasses. Industrial size theremins. A floor rug made out of the Pope. A floating crystal palace. The ability to be invisible. A Lamborghini dealership. Front row seats to Women’s Volleyball at the Olympics. A private jet. A private bus. A wardrobe of various suits. A teleportation device. A holodeck. A replicator. A guarantee to live with these amenities in full functioning order above and beyond any expectations for as long as I see fit with the contract to cease only upon my agreement without duress. Good health. No injuries. No lawsuits. No external interference. With unlimited open-end policies for creative control, variations, ceases, continuances, expansions in any way shape form I decide. And gratuity for fulfilling said interests at no cost to any one, for the producer, whose Will shall not impose on mine. TsVidhdim!

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