Trump’s loyalties revealed at 2016 Election Day Symbols in Plain Sight

Pictures are priceless. Since most outside the NWO pays attention, I’ll explain. Please note, only one person has explained this since November 9, 2016. Do yourself a favor and look up the user name.

I will assume we all know 101 symbolism. Here’s intro to 102.

Light in this plane, planet, is separated into hues. White light into a prism produces a rainbow. From the Sun to the Moon to Earth, we are children of the Son of God, human hue moons. The primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue. Primary as they can not be created by mixing other colors. Red is the slowest frequency wave length, Blue the highest. Purple is the highest in the visual range, a combination of Red and Blue. Ultra-Violet is the combination of all three primaries, and outside the visual spectrum. Colors are associated with meaning, and not trivially. Red is the color of invocation (in vocate, vocal). Blue is evolution. Invocation from source to product. Evolution product to source. Purple is the synthesis of Red and Blue, thus, dominant. Yellow is power. Therefore, Ultra-Violet is dominant hidden power.

The image of Trump and Hillary is from November 8, 2016, after the election results. While we know the political parties are Red and Blue, we see the Red politician in Blue, and the Blue politician in Red.

Purple and Ultra-Violet are also associated with Loyalty, Royalty. When reading this, we know it to be inherently true; it is not often brought to our attention, as we do not live in the knowledge portion of the Dark Underlord Cult. Forgive yourselves for not picking up on it immediately.

Need I say anything more? More than Hillary is not in jail. The Swamp is overflowing. We were fed a sideshow of Russian espionage to delay, distract, mislead and confuse. And now, here we are again, four years later, with most people still confused, misled, waiting. Waiting. Time waits for no one.

Why? Why are the Dark Underlord Cults (DUC[s]) delaying, waiting? Waiting for? The stars to align.

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